After-sales service

Quality Standards and Acceptance

1. Quality standard: It is required to meet the implementation standard IPC-A-610F and the sample quality standard confirmed by the customer. (If the customer has special quality standard requirements, it shall be implemented according to the customer's requirements)

2. Acceptance criteria: If the customer has no written quality objection within 15 days after receiving the goods, the product quality is deemed to be qualified.

After Sales and Warranty

1. We promise to be responsible for the quality of all purchased electronic materials (except for suppliers designated by customers) and processing processes such as assembly, packaging, and testing.

2. Make sure that the purchased electronic materials are authentic and meet the quality requirements. If the materials or process or assembly purchased by us lead to product quality problems, the retrospective period is one year from the date of customer acceptance (one year warranty)

China OEM Manufacturer

9IC has been focusing on PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, component procurement, testing and shell packaging for over 10 years. Product testing 99.99% qualified rate.

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