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As the most professional manufacturer of pcb board and pcba assembly in China, we provide you with a variety of quotations and order methods according to different types of customers and needs. You can choose the way you like to inquire, so that you can obtain quotations in real time and save a lot of time.

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PCB System Quotation Rules:

The quotation of the model board consists of three items: engineering fee + board fee + unconventional process production fee. The engineering fee is the one-time cost for the first-piece board. If for reorder (no change in the board making document) , it will not be charged.

SMT Assembly System Quotation Rules

There are three charging rules for SMT assembly:

1. Simple SMT (except for smt patch soldering, does not contain any manufacturing process)


3.SMT+DIP+DIP+ test + clean circuit board + special packaging. According to the actual needs of customers, the difficulty and the number of meters of PCB boards or different process requirements, the price is not the same.

SMT Assembly System Quotation Rules

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