Medical computer case

Medical computer case

Product Details

Layer Count10 layer
Material TypeFR-4
Outer copper thickness0.75oz
minimum aperture0.3MM
minimum width4/4mil
Pad platingImmersion Gold
Solder mask colorblack
testingAOI+AOI+Flying Probe Test
Solder mask coveragethrough via mask
board size14*10
Use pcb materialsFR-4

Chips for medical computers need to meet the characteristics of high reliability, low power consumption, high performance, and security. Here's a possible design:

processor selection

Choose a processor with high performance and low power consumption, such as a processor with x86 or ARM architecture. At the same time, the reliability and stability of the processor should be considered, and some processors certified by the medical industry should be selected.

memory and storage

ECC memory and flash storage are used to ensure data reliability and stability. At the same time, the capacity and speed of the memory need to be considered to meet the needs of medical applications.

Dimensions and Communication Interface

According to the needs of different medical equipment, the size of the chip and the communication interface, such as USB, RS232, Ethernet, etc., should be flexibly selected. At the same time, the anti-interference ability of the chip should be considered to ensure the stable transmission of data.


The security of medical data is very important, so it is necessary to integrate a security module inside the chip to realize functions such as identity authentication and data encryption. At the same time, data backup and recovery should be considered to ensure data security and integrity.

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