Military vehicle chip case

Military vehicle chip case

Product Details

Layer Count4 layer
Material TypeCEM-1
Outer copper thickness0.75oz
minimum aperture0.2MM
minimum width4/4mil
Pad platingImmersion Gold+OSP
Solder mask colorgreen
testingAOI+AOI+Flying Probe Test
Solder mask coveragethrough via mask
board size6*6
Use pcb materialsFR-4

Factors considered when we design military automotive accessories chips:

High temperature, low temperature, high humidity and other harsh working environments.

Special electromagnetic environment such as vehicle electromagnetic interference.

Data security and stability requirements are high, and encryption and protection are required.

High reliability and durability ensure that it can work normally even under harsh working conditions.

Must meet military standard requirements, such as MIL-STD-810G, etc.

Based on the above requirements, the following design schemes can be considered:

Processor: Choose ARM Cortex-A series or Intel Core processor with high performance and low power consumption.

Memory: choose high-speed, large-capacity, low-power flash memory and SDRAM to support the storage of large amounts of data and fast read and write operations.

Power management: Choose a power management chip with multiple protection mechanisms and fault detection to ensure stable operation in an unstable power environment.

Communication module: Choose high-speed, low-power, anti-interference wireless modules, such as WIFI, Bluetooth, LTE, etc., to ensure the stability and security of data transmission.

Encryption chip: Choose a chip with high-strength encryption and security authentication functions to ensure data security.

Sensors: Select high-reliability and high-precision sensors suitable for military vehicles, such as GPS, accelerometers, gyroscopes, etc., to achieve positioning, navigation, vehicle attitude control and other functions.

Display: Choose a display with high resolution, high brightness, and low power consumption to display information from the on-board system.

Controller: Choose a controller with high performance, high reliability, and low power consumption to realize the control and management of various devices.

While designing the chip, it is also necessary to pay attention to the compatibility and stability of hardware and software to ensure the stable operation of the vehicle system. At the same time, after the design is completed, a number of tests and verifications need to be carried out to ensure the reliability and stability of the chip and meet the requirements of military standards.

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