Large-capacity mobile charging product case

Large-capacity mobile charging product case

Product Details

Layer Count4 layer
Material TypeCEM-1
Outer copper thickness1.0oz
minimum aperture0.2MM
minimum width4/4mil
Pad platingImmersion Gold
Solder mask colorblack
testingAOI+AOI+Test Frame
Solder mask coveragethrough via fill
board size12*6
Use pcb materialsFR-4

The chip design of large-capacity mobile charging products mainly includes the following aspects:

Output current and voltage: Mobile charging products need to support a variety of output voltages and currents, so the chip needs to be designed to provide adjustable output current and voltage to adapt to different devices.

Efficiency: To minimize wasted energy, chips should be designed to be efficient. This is achieved by minimizing the chip's internal power consumption and maximizing the power conversion rate.

Protection mechanism: Due to the voltage and current difference between the charger and the mobile device, the chip needs to have various protection mechanisms to prevent short circuits, overcurrent, overheating and other abnormal conditions.

Reliability: Mobile chargers may be subject to strong external interference, so the chip needs to have anti-interference capabilities to ensure that the charger can operate normally under various environmental conditions.

Size and cost: Since mobile chargers need to be portable and low-cost, chip design needs to consider minimizing footprint and cost.

The above are some main aspects that need to be considered in the chip design of large-capacity mobile charging products, and the specific design needs to be customized according to the actual needs of the product.

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